The show is at The George Tavern, The Garage Flowers are about to start performing.
I knew them for a while at this point, this is not their first gig for me, beacuse they are that tipe of band which isn’t just a band. The Garage Flowers are an ideal, a concept, a way of being.
It’s not just about the music, which is really amazing, there’s more: there’s a genuine truth in their songs, no masks on, no half measures.
The impact is strong, exciting, excentric: these are most certainly the three best words to describe them.
The live starts with “Nothing’s Gonna Get Me Down Today”, of which you can find the official video on You Tube, shot in Camden Town and surroundings.
Useless to say that, if at the first the pub was quite empty and calm, now everything is starting to kick off, Joe’s (the lead singer) voice is unrestrainable, it never stops, song after song: “Hello Tango”, my favourite “Miss Maggy May” and “Two Of A Kind”.
Jhonny at the guitar, Joe at the mic, Olly at the bass and Greg at the drums: like a Chagall painting but fully soaked in rock’n’roll.


London has a past that built the history of international music, and the question we who live of it need to ask ourselves is: “And now?”. Now it’s time to open uo the doors of our minds, it’s the right time for The Garage Flowers because yes, a band like theirs is made to enjoy music, to enjoy a good live, a show made of glitters and crazy guitars.

“Forever Is My Favourite Word” is about to close the show, whit incredibly sweet lyrics, the audience dancing while Joe sings “Singing, drinking, on the last bus into town I’m gonna miss this when you’re not around…”
“Lollipop Candles” and “Scumbag Utopia” are the final hits of the night, even tonight as always The Garage Flowers were loyal to their style, impeccable and full of talent.
And while the new song Two of a Kind runs through my mind, you could take just five minutes of you day to enter their marvellous little world: I can assure you it will be amazing.

Official Page: here

Thanks to Yasmin Havegheer and Poli Penkova

Isabella F.


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