A few days ago we interviewed one of the best bands in London before their gig at The Monarch in Camden Town: they are THE GULPS and we managed to grab a chat with Harry (vocalist) and Charlie (guitarist) ahead of their new release ‘Someone like you’.

When and why was the Gulps born?

Harry: We was born in Spain: I started to study piano when I was 9 years old and then when I was 14 I understood “‘ I wanna be a rockstar”. So I made a band in Spain called Blue Moon and we played a lot together.
Then 5 years ago we came here in London because we’ve applyed for a talent..

Charlie: It was British’s got talent.

Harry: Yea and they’ve sent an email to us asking to be in London the day after. So with all of our stuffs we came here and it was fucking good and great. In the same summer we started to play some gigs but after that I decided to come back to Spain and study at the university Rioja. Even if I was there, me and the other guys still wanted to carry on our music and become a rockstar. So when I finished my degree I came to London again to play. In that time Charlie was in Spain so I constantly asked him to come back in London and play with me and the band.

Charlie: But I always answered no because I had my life, my girlfriend, my job..

Harry: I went to Spain to take him and I saved him from that life. At the end we came here together and we made this band and our songs.. This is how he started.

So you always wanted to do your music here in London but what do you think about the music in Spain?

Harry: It’s not so bad.. I mean it could be worse for sure but in the same time it’s not so good. The point is if you wanna be a rockstar you can’t do that in Spain.

Do you think the music scene here is better? I mean if I mention The Garage Flowers, Skinner Brothers, Paves..

Harry: Yea it’s fucking rock ‘n roll.. And honestly, it’s just my opinion, I think the Skinner Brothers, now, is the only band could have a future.. And it’s not because they’re opening the Libertines’ gigs.

Charlie: And I really like The Garage Flowers, I think Joe Capaldi is a really good frontman.

Harry: I mean all the bands in Camden like them or Sisteray are good, I didn’t say I don’t like them but for me The Skinners Brothers have got something more.

Usually what kind of music do you listen before to write your songs?

Charlie: Rolling Stones, Beatles, Strokes.
Harry: Manfred Mann, The Animals, The Zombies.
Charlie: And I love punk music like Sex Pistols..
Harry: Also I love the Smiths, Oasis, Stone Roses, Libertines, Babyshambles but I don’t like Red Hot Chili Pepeprs or Arctic Monkeys , fuck off that indie and these hipsters.



What’s the meaning of “GULPS”?

Charlie: You know, when you take a shot for example of tequila, after you swallow you say “gulp”.

And now are you starting to promote your single?
Charlie: Yes we’re starting today and it’s called “Someone like you”; in these days we’re making a video which it will be out in the next weeks.

Do you have some advice for the guys that want to be in a band?

Harry: The only thing really important is you have to belive in yourself and in your band.
Sometimes I found some bands who are good but there’s no relationship between them, no friendship and in that way it can’t work. For me it’s really important to see the guys who play with me like brothers. For me we’re not just a band, I think about Charlie like a brother, like a friend.




TOP #4

#1 The first record you ever bought?
Harry: Beatles
Charlie: Iron Maiden, The Number of the Beast

#2 The worst song you’ve ever listened to?
Charlie: Karma Chameleon!
Harry: Let’s say Nirvana’s songs
#3 The song that you wish you wrote?
Harry: A Day in the Life and every Bowie’s songs
Charlie: Rocks Off, RS
#4 The artist with which you would want to collaborate?
Charlie: Rolling Stones

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